An SMG known the world over, Bubba has given this solid firearm his personal touch. Redesigned to be lighter and help mercenaries land shots on target in the heat of battle.
  — The Arsenal 


The MP5A4 is the Mark II variant of the common, low rank MP5A4. Compared to it, the Mark II has 1 point more of damage and 5 points higher portability. Although the description claims that the Mark II "helps keep on target," there are no changes to accuracy or recoil.



  • This weapon was available for direct purchase with NX during the Mark II Sale, for 90 day and permanent durations.


  • This gun, along with the Skorpion and PSG-1, were most likely granted Mark II variants because of the many complaints of low-ranking and underpowered weapons being obsolete and useless compared to other new weapons.
  • Strangely, when the player is carrying this submachine gun, they'll notice that the fire selector switch is on the SINGLE FIRE symbol, yet it's firing in fully automatic in game. This is not the case for MP5 RAS and MP5 RAS Centurion.
  • In addition, there appears to be a burst-fire selection, although the in-game MP5A4 does not have one. The MP5 RAS and MP5 RAS Centurion does, however.


  • The drawing animation of the MP5A4 MARK II.
  • The firing animation of the MP5A4 MARK II.
  • The reloading animation of the MP5A4 MARK II.
  • The sprinting animation of the MP5A4 MARK II.