A modern facelift for a classic machine gun, the MG42 Steel has been reassembled with a steel parts that gives this classic armament a real presence on the battlefield.
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The MG42 Steel is a NX Machine Gun added during the 08/30/2011 Content Update with 90 days and permanent duration only. On September 6th, 2011, it was added to the shop for official sale.

The MG42 Steel far surpasses the original with 8 points more damage and better in almost every aspect including a higher accuracy, portability and less recoil. Despite the lower recoil, the recoil is still quite high. This gun is one of the most powerful machine guns available, along with the MK.48, M60E4 and M21E.

The MG42 Steel, above all, is presumably one of the deadliest weapons in the game in terms of damage-output and fire rate. The high crosshair-spread is also an advantage for the MG42 Steel since during CQC, having a tighter crosshair will occasionally cause you to miss your opponents. The gun is a strong 3 shot kill to medium vesters and an occasional 4 shot kill to heavy vesters. The damage drop-off seems present at longer ranges but is not required due to its unique characteristics of performing well in CQC situations.



MG42 Steel
Christmas MG42 Steel


Bronze II
Silver II
MG42 Steel
Silver III
(ACE) MG42 Steel
Christmas MG42 Steel



  • The gun is horrible at blending to its surrounding environments due to its metallic sheen which contrasts greatly with its surrounding environment (whether the map is deluged with vegetation or in the dark urbanized areas of Rattlesnake). If blending in is a number one option, players will be urged to purchase the normal MG-42, which has the exterior coatings which is much more suitable to blending in.
  • This weapon is very common in Quarantine Regen matches because of its high Damage to fire rate and it being so light.
  • The GP form of this gun is made with Steel parts just has a different color of barrel.


  • The drawing animation of the MG42 Steel.
  • The firing animation of the MG42 Steel.
  • The reloading animation of the MG42 Steel.
  • The sprinting animation of the MG42 Steel.