An M32 fully loaded with Incendiary rounds, this six-barreled semi-auto grenade launcher can ignite large areas of the battlefield to inhibit troop movement and weaken defenses.
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The M32-Incendiary Bomb is an Operative explosive grenade launcher, purchasable at the Shop and the Black Market.


The M32-Incendiary Bomb is a variant of the M32 Grenade Launcher. Instead of firing six high-explosive grenade shells, the M32-Incendiary Bomb features incendiary rounds. It also features a desert tan skin. Their effects are said to be similar to the M23F Incendiary grenade, which leaves a burning, lasting damage to enemies that made contact to the blast. This weapon is rarely seen due to the fact that it doesn't kill easily as most players run through and survive.

After a patch on 2-16-2011, the incendiary bomb will affect its user upon contact.



M32 Grenade Launcher
M32 Incendiary Bomb
M32 Stun Grenade


Silver III
M32 Grenade Launcher
M32 Incendiary Bomb
M32 Stun Grenade


  • This weapon is effective in Quarantine as the fire damage can add up - So firing all six incendiary bomb will be able to cause 12 - 18 HP loss per second if the infected is within the fire radius. However, if an Infected were to leave the fire radius, there will be a further loss of 6 - 12 HP per second.
  • Not only is it effective in Quarantine, but also it is effective in certain Fireteam maps, such as Cabin Fever, as the fire damage is able to stack on the Infected thus increasing the points gain.
  • The fire from the M32 Incendiary Bomb is slightly different from the M23F - The fire deals more damage, is darker in color and it last for a shorter duration.


  • After a patch on 2-16-2011, the incendiary bomb will affect the user upon contact.
  • Players affected by the M32 Incendiary Bomb will have their screen go black due to incompatible graphics cards that are incapable of dealing with orange screen flashes.
  • It cannot be reloaded via Warlord.
  • The gas from the M32 Incendiary Bomb, along with all other gas grenades, does not affect players with a spawn shield.


  • The drawing animation of the M32 Incendiary Bomb.
  • The firing animation of the M32 Incendiary Bomb.
  • The sprinting animation of the M32 Incendiary Bomb.
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