A custom Colt model used by special forces. Extraordinary stopping power for measured shots.
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The M1911 MEU (also known simply as the MEU or the M1911) is a Pistol which can be bought for 450 GP. It has the third highest damage rating of any pistol obtainable in the shop, next to the Anaconda Black and the Desert Eagle, and is very accurate compared to other pistols. To help keep it balanced, however, it suffers from a small 7-round magazine.

This weapon's high recoil, slow rate of fire, and small ammo capacity makes it inadequate for spamming shots. It is recommended to aim and make every shot count. This weapon is a 3 shot kill in close range, dropping off to a 4-5 shot kill at longer ranges. Since pistols perform poorly at long range, M1911 is often looked down upon, however, its higher accuracy facilitates in pulling off headshots, if needed.



  • Nexon hosted a Facebook fan page sale, where if Combat Arms reached 400,000 fans (around 395,500 at the time it was posted), they would release the M1911 MEU as a permanent GP weapon.
    • This was done to celebrate the M1911's 100th birthday in 2011.
    • During the first few moments of its permanent sale, it was offered for 99,999 GP, but was quickly changed to 50,000.
  • A 7-day M1911 MEU was distributed to all players who created a Combat Arms account during the month of August in 2009.
  • In a Combat Arms Europe exclusive Roll Call Event, this weapon was handed out to players that logged in 17 consecutive days between April 2nd to April 22nd, 2014 for permanent duration.
  • It was sold for permanent duration on Combat Arms Brazil 4th Anniversary between 09/04/2014 and 09/10/2014 for 50,000 GP.


  • This pistol was the first GP Permanent Secondary Weapon available.
  • The M1911 MEU was in the Starter Package until Nexon changed the weapons in the Starter Kit.
  • This is the only weapon in its family to be depicted with its hammer in an uncocked position.
  • The slide of the weapon reads "MODEL 1911 - A1 CAL .45"


  • The drawing animation of the M1911 MEU.
  • The firing animation of the M1911 MEU.
  • The reloading animation of the M1911 MEU.
  • The sprinting animation of the M1911 MEU.