A 3rd generation assault rifle that excels in both efficiency and firepower. Can be equipped with a scope.
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The M16A3 Assault Rifle is the default primary weapon in Combat Arms. It posesses burst fire as well as an automatic firing mode.

Every player is granted the M16 when they first create their character, making it the first gun without a cost to use.

As such, the M16A3 is often used by users who do not have enough GP or NX to buy other weapons, as well as those who want to save up.


When the user is not spraying or running around, the M16A3 is surprisingly accurate to the point that it has nearly the same long-range efficiency as the FAMAS. As such, one can pick off enemies with headshots from medium to medium-long range with relative ease. In addition, the recoil pattern is set in a way that results in many unexpected headshots for the player. This works especially well at close range. Tap firing works well in mid-long range engagements, and even more so if a scope is attached. Do note that the damage drops off at longer engagements, making the weak M16A3 even weaker.

The most glaring issue is its stopping power. With a borderline 5-6 shot kill, it is one of the weakest weapons in the entire game (including pistols). Not even its decent rate of fire can make up for the lack of damage output. This gun is definitely not meant for CQC because of its low damage and high spread.

Another drawback of this gun is its spread, which expands quickly but recovers slowly. This makes it very difficult for hip-firing.



  • The in-game skin resembles an M16A4, and the gun was originally designated the M16A4 in game. Because the real life counterpart does not feature fully automatic fire, the name was changed to M16A3.
  • Even though the M16A3's carry handle is usually removed to accommodate optics, optical attachments in-game appear to be attached directly to the handle. This is because the M16A3 rifles in the game are Korean manufactured copies of it which feature a rail for optics on top of the carry handle. The same is true for the M4A1 series.