Improves upon the advantages of the M14 SE, including dealing greater damage. A classic design was used to suit the taste of users.
  — The Arsenal 

The M14 Classic is an NX Rare variant of the M14. It was added in the 10-28-09 Patch.


The M14 Classic is an "old-fashioned" variant of the M14 Assault Rifle and features the classic wooden furniture. The M14 Classic, like all M14 variants, has a 20/60 ammo capacity and can be customized in all three slots.

Nexon's Arsenal website shows that the M14 Classic is statiscally better in every aspect compared to the GP standard M14 with 2 points higher damage, 1 point higher accuracy, 5 points higher portability, 5 points higher rate of fire (nearly on-par with a standard AR), and 1 point lower recoil.

As with all M14s, it is highly recommended to outfit it with a scope and engage enemies at medium-long range to complement its high damage and accuracy. With this, the M14 Classic can be a lethal threat at all ranges due to its high power, accuracy and decent rate of fire. It is even suitable for limited close range combat in a panic situation because of its high damage and rate of fire, provided that shots hit the enemy.

The popularity of this weapon is now "High" due to this weapon being one of the common loot drops from the new Welcome Back Case.



  • While the M14 Classic's Arsenal description says it "Improves upon the advantages of the M14SE" the M14 Classic does not come with a pre-attached scope and suppressor.
  • Some people may consider the M14 SE to be a better option due to the M14 SE having a integrated suppressor, pre-attached scope, a black paint job to blend in better in dark areas, and being an NX standard, thus being able to be bought directly from the Black Market.
  • If you reload this gun without a scope you can see the bullets inside the magazine briefly.


  • The drawing animation of the M14 Classic.
  • The firing animation of the M14 Classic.
  • The single firing animation of the M14 Classic.
  • The reloading animation of the M14 Classic.
  • The sprinting animation of the M14 Classic.