With strong recoil and a low rate of fire, this rifle may not be the best choice for close quarters assaults, but is perfect for longer distance engagements with its highly precise fire.
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The M14 is an Assault Rifle that was added in the 10-16-08 Patch.


The M14 features automatic and semi-automatic firing modes, a very high damage rating and high accuracy, but has a sluggish rate of fire, a small magazine and low overall ammo count.

These weaknesses have not helped the M14's popularity. Costing more than many commonly used weapons, such as the M4A1, G36E and SCAR-L, it is generally underused and sometimes scoffed at.

Heavy and accurate, this weapon is good for tap firing at medium to long range, but not for much else. Most assault rifles can do good at tap firing while remaining versatile, which is key to the low popularity of this weapon.

Its recoil is entirely vertical (probably because of its fire rate), but spread can deviate horizontally after a couple shots.



  • It would be better if the player uses full-auto in all situations because using single-auto will frequently cause the gun to jam, especially in a CQC situation.
  • The M14 has high recoil but because its fire rate is slow, the recoil settles some what.
  • Despite having a 20 round default magazine, it tends to last longer than most 30 round ones because of its lower rate of fire.
  • The M14 has the same reload animation as the Black Magnum.
  • The M14 in Combat Arms is classified as an Assault Rifle. This is incorrect, the proper designation would be a Battle Rifle.


  • The drawing animation of the M14.
  • The firing animation of the M14.
  • The reloading animation of the M14.
  • The sprint animation of the M14.

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