A bolt-action sniper rifle known for its deadly accuracy and exceptional durability regardless of terrain.
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The L96A1 (Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Precision Marksman) is a bolt-action Sniper Rifle.

The L96A1 is known for its powerful damage, but suffers at extreme distances. At certain ranges, Heavy Vesters and even Light Vesters may easily survive a shot in the foot or arm.

The biggest drawback of this weapon, however, is its accuracy.

PR1ML Event Variant

From 04/01/2016 until 04/02/2016, turn up the volume and hop into Combat Arms to check out a fun new style for the menu lobby screens. Make sure your music volume is on in-game!

The PR1ML variant, it's a replica from the original L96A1, but when you fire the gun or reload it, it's sounds a little different, like a horse.

L96A1 PR1ML Reload 3

In Combat Arms Brazil, it was renamed to: L96A1 Equina.


Trivia & Events

  • The L96A1 was the first OHK weapon in Combat Arms, able to kill several enemies with one shot.
  • The L96A1 does more than 100 damage. The actual damage is greater than or equal to 129. 
  • Getting a headshot with this gun on an unarmored opponent will do up to 900 damage.
  • This, like all sniper rifles in Combat Arms, lacks the real life re-chambering action produced when pulling the bolt back. When the weapon is fired in Combat Arms, the casing is immediately ejected, then the bolt is pulled back. In a real life firing, the used round casing remains in the chamber until the bolt is pulled back, ejecting the used casing and re-chambering a new round.
  • The L96A1 is one of the few weapons still able to be bought for 1-day durations.
  • The model used in game is not actually a L96A1 (AWPM), the model used in game is actually an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare, the improved version of the PM model. Designated by the British military as the L118A1.

  • The L96A1 was available for permanent during:
  • Taking the "recession" into consideration, If one had bought the permanent version of the L96A1 (when it was sold at 200,000 GP), one would have gotten a 100,000 GP rebate (given 3–5 days after purchase).
  • It was sold for permanent duration on Combat Arms Brazil 4th Anniversary between 09/04/2014 and 09/10/2014 for 200,000 GP.


Draw Fire
L96A1 Draw
L96A1 Fire
Reload Sprint
L96A1 Reload
L96A1 Sprint
L96A1 Scope


  • L96A1 FIRE
  • L96A1 RELOAD1
    "Reload 1"
  • L96A1 RELOAD2
    "Reload 2"
  • L96A1 RELOAD3
    "Reload 3"
  • L96A1 SELECT
    "L96A1 PR1ML Draw/Reload"

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