An example of killcam: Seba-079 was killed by teabagzorz, so now the dead player is spectating his killer (teabagzorz).

Kill Cam is a sort of "spectator view" in matches with Killcam enabled. If you get killed, the camera will follow the player that killed you until you respawn, if not, it would follow your teammates. This is an excellent (yet unpopular) way for you or your team to locate enemy positions especially if you and/or your team are pinned down. However, do not rely Killcam too often for some games/servers have it turned off or players can counter it.

Tactics: Countering Killcam

One way to counter Killcam is by simply turning it off, however, some games leave it on. In this situation, players can counter it by staying at the spot where they killed their opponent and wait until their opponent respawns. When their opponent respawns, players can quickly evacuate the area before their killed opponent finds them.

For example: Player A kills Player B. Player A stays at the area that he killed Player B. Players B will see Player A on Killcam where Player A killed him. When Player B respawns, Player A leaves the area quickly before Player B arrive making it seem Player A disappeared.

However, this is highly unrecommended when you kill a player in their spawn, as you will likely be killed because now the other player is invincible for 3 seconds.

Another way to counter it is to allow the opponent to find the player and the player quickly kills the opponent again. This tactic, on the other hand, requires skills, ammo, rapid, and powerful weapons and possibly teammates or more health.


  • Killcam is now by default off. 
  • Killcam is often used in a player's first game.
  • Killcam is toggled off and can't be changed in Clan Servers (such as Bulldog).

If you are killed, and Killcam is focusing on the Player that killed you, and that Player is killed before you respawn, Killcam is focused on your teammate. Example: Player A is killed by Player B. If Player C kills Player B before Player A Respawns, Killcam is focusing on Player C.


  • Many players have asked for a kill cam that shows the 2.5 seconds before and after the opponent kills the player, similar to that of the Call Of Duty series.