KDR / HP Vision

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Reveal other players' KDR and HP
For GP purchases, the Player must have a rank of Master Sergeant/IMaster Sergeant/I or above.
NX Cost

7 Days - 1,500 NX

30 Days - 2,900 NX

90 Days - 6,900 NX

GP Cost

Formerly 7 Days - 6,000 GP

30 Days - 11,600 GP

90 Days - 27,600 GP


This item will display the KDR of other players on their in-game nameplate as well as their current HP when you point your reticle at them
  — The Arsenal 

The KDR/HP Vision is a Special Item added on the 7/27/10 Patch. It can be purchased at the Shop or the Black Market. The KDR/HP Vision is also obtainable through the Daily Jobs and Events.


This item, when equipped, allows the Player to see enemy and team mate's KDR and HP (as long as the crosshairs are aimed directly on them). The HP is displayed in percentages, not the exact HP of the Player. The KDR (displayed as K/D) shows the exact KDR of the Player (either Rec Rules KDR or original KDR). When the Player is viewing the Kill Cam, the KDR/HP Vision would automatically be used on whoever they're viewing.

Another feature of the KDR/HP Vision is the icon displayed on it. When the user aims their crosshair at another Player, there's an icon (either in green or red) to help define the Player as an enemy or a team mate. For an enemy, the icon would be red, while a teammate would be displayed as green.

The KDR/HP Vision works on all Game Modes, including Quarantine Regen. For Fireteam, the Vision would only let the Player see the NPCs' HP.


  • This item is very similar to the Satellite Scanner in terms of function. However, it is more like the ACOG scopes' effect when used.
  • This was obtainable for 1 day if the Player played 10 rounds of One Man Army on the weekend of August 27, 2010.
  • The KDR/HP Vision originally showed the EXACT HP before it got nerfed on the 16/7/2012 Content Patch.
  • The nerf largely affected Quarantine Regen as one would see the PERCENTAGE of the infected rather than the actual value. This nerf also applies when a player is team-viewing another infected.
  • The KDR/HP Vision was not available for purchase using GP after the Combat Arms Reboot update for unknown reasons.