A balanced weapon for both reliability and fast-shooting. Capable of semi-automatic fire.
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The K5 is a pistol that can be bought from the Shop for GP. It is the very first pistol a new player can purchase in the shop, and the only pistol that can still be bought for one day duration. It boasts the highest rate of fire out of all semi-automatic pistols which is also shared by its cousin variants, but suffers in accuracy for its high recoil and spread. This pistol was made with speed in mind as its quick drawspeed and fire rate makes this pistol a good choice as a rusher's sidearm; when caught when reloading, one can just whip out the K5 and spray a single enemy down in a hail of bullets. However when looking at the weapon's cons, they outweigh the pros. Its low damage and high recoil diminish the weapon's overall performance if the user has a slow trigger finger or suffers from low framerate. A low framerate can harm the rate of fire of semi-automatic weapons.

Compared to other similarly priced pistols such as the G23, the K5 becomes mostly obsolete. Most players prefer the G23, having nearly the same rate of fire, more damage and ammunition count, and less recoil. It is also cheaper on a longer run and its rank requirement is very low.

When speed is the priority, the K5 is second to none in the semi auto pistols. Players experienced with the K5 should check out the K5 CAMO which improves on some of the many downfalls the former had.



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  • There is a slight reload delay with the K5 family. When the reload button is pressed, one would have to wait around a quarter to a half second before the reload animation begins, prolonging the actual reload speed.


  • This gun was sold perm during Black Friday 2014 for 972 NX.


  • The drawing animation of the K5.
  • The firing animation of the K5.
  • The reloading animation of the K5.
  • The sprinting animation of the K5.