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Junk Flea 2
Name Junk Flea 2
Other Names JF2, Junk 2, Flea 2
Size Unknown
Location Uruk
First Introduced 20th March, 2013.
Popularity Extremely Low

Main Discussion

A stash of illegal bio-chemical weapons was discovered on board a freight ship bound for a small junkyard in the nation of Uruk. These weapons were hidden amongst compressed junk metal, being traded under the guise of recycled aluminum. The JSF has dispatched a special forces unit to eliminate all armed forces and secure proof of the illegal arms deal.
  — Combat Arms Command 

Junk Flea 2, the 44th Map in Combat Arms was designed to be a more refined version of the similarly titled Junk Flea: It retains some of the most popular parts of Junk Flea - such as the small size narrow alleys and paths - while also improving the layout to better support Elimination and Quarantine Regen matches.


The most notable feature of Junk Flea 2's Quarantine Regen layout is the always-available Safe Room. At any point in a round, Humans can hop inside and lock the door, but with one minor caveat: at the start of each round, the room will be filled with toxic gas, and will only clear out when one minute remains.

Available game modes:


  • This is the first map to be a "sequel" to a previous map.
  • This is the first map to have the full name of another map in its name.
  • It is the 4th Quarantine Regen map to have a safe room.