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Junk Flea (Dark)
Night JunkFlea
Name Junk Flea (Dark)
Other Names Night Junk Flea
Size Small
Location Russia
First Introduced November 28th, 2018
Popularity Unknown

Main Discussion

A notorius terrorist seeking asylum is being extracted, only his escape route has been compromised. Infiltrate enemy territory and take out the pursuing opposing forces at the Voltier junkyard.
  — Map description 

Junk Flea (Dark) is the 67th map in Combat Arms. It was released on November 28th, 2018 on Combat Arms Global[1].


Junk Flea (Dark) has 9 game modes available to play in:


  • Until now, this map is exclusive for Reloaded.
  • It's the first map developed by Valofe.
    • And it's the first map released in two years, since Dead Vacation.



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