Intel Cases are small black briefcases with pieces of a plan for a top secret weapon of mass destruction. Intel Cases can be picked up only in the game mode Spy Hunt. These cases are placed on set areas on the Spy Hunt Map. When picked up, the players becomes a Spy, or when all five are picked up, the player becomes the Super Spy. At the start of a match, these cases are indicated by an arrow icon (similar to CTF Flags) telling all players where they are. Once picked up, these icons are lost until they are dropped by the holder. These cases spin around in a slow circular motion until they are picked up, also. If the cases are not picked up in 30 seconds they will respawn. 

There were originally three cases scattered throughout the Spy Hunt match, but it has been increased to five after the 3-25-09 Patch, probably because three cases lead to a player becoming the Super Spy too quickly.

Intel Cases also appear in Outpost 31 when the bonus mission is active in extreme difficulty. Seven cases are scattered outside of the research facility, however the player does not become a Spy or Super Spy upon picking up an intel case.


  • Whenever the Intel is picked up. There is a large puff of blue-ish grey smoke and a shower of various storage mediums, like CDs and files. This is most likely to give anyone who didn't pick up the intel a chance to fall back while the spy has 3 seconds of invulnerability.
  • Picking up Intel Cases will lead to you re-draw the weapon you are already holding.
  • People have been known to be transported along with the Intel when it drops or resets it's location point.
  • Intels can possibly be floating within the air, and maybe even off-map before resetting.
  • People just spawning while picking up an intel may not appear as a Spy, nor be recorded to have picked up an intel on the scoreboard, or intel count on the player's screen. (Although after the player dies/leaves game, the intel will drop/respawn.)
  • The Fireteam Outpost 31 is the only exception for the intels to appear outside of Spy Hunt.
    • It is also the only exception where picking up an intel will not result into becoming a Spy or Super Spy.