Heavy Vest

Main heavy vest

GP cost
1 Day - 700 GP
7 Days - 3,430 GP
30 Days - 13,650 GP
90 Days - 37,800 GP
Below Average
All-purpose Protection: Armor +15%
Speed -10%

A heavy bulletproof vest that provides high protection but encumbers movement.
  — The Arsenal 

The Heavy Vest is a vest available to buy in the Shop. It increases bullet protection at the cost of movement speed.


The Heavy Vest increases protection by 15%, but as a result decreases movement speed by 10%. Players become more tough, but cannot move as quickly. To counter this, Players sometimes use lighter weapons such as SMGs to move as fast as someone wearing a vest such as the Medium Vest. In-game, the effects of the Heavy Vest can be felt if you are accustomed to not wearing a vest or wearing the light vest, but you can use speed gear to counteract.

The Heavy Vest can lessen the damage effect from low-damage weapons, such as SMGs or Assault Rifles.



Heavy Vest


Silver II
Heavy Vest


  • A player equipped with the Heavy Vest can take a shot from the L96A1 and not die, which usually kills other players in one hit, making the Heavy Vest useful for sniper battles, however this rule largely applies when they're shot at any range past short medium range. If at close range the chance of tanking is a bit lower.
  • Since Heavy Vest users can take a lot of damage before dying, they often go in front of other teammates, allowing them to concentrate fire without a high risk of death from retaliation. This has led people to call these players "heavy vest noobs" or "tankers."
  • The Heavy Vest is currently in the Starter Package.
  • Heavy Vest users can combine speed by using a speedy facial or head gear to equally have protection and having speed.
  • While having that combination, some people call them both speeders and tankers due to the combo.
  • Some players who use heavy vests have begun to focus on stamina (used in sprinting) over decreasing the speed penalty. If a heavy vester wears the Shapka and the Tactical Mask they can obtain a 65% bonus in stamina!
  • Classic: Baron and Kamara are equipped with a Heavy Vest, vs the new Baron and Kamara, with only a 6% speed reduction instead of a 10% speed loss.