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Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal Design 1 by yklipse
Name Heavy Metal
Other Names HM, Train Yard
Size Large
First Introduced 18th June, 2014.
Popularity Average

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Heavy Metal is the 51st Combat Arms map created by yklipse of Combat Arms North America.

It was entered in the global Design Your Own Map! (2014) contest on February 20th, 2014,[1] and won first place in the North American region, which made it a global finalist.[2]

On March 27th, 2014, it ultimately won the contest.[3]


Heavy Metal is a large map that takes place within a train station, hybridized with numerous freight and passenger services.

It is speculated that this map is around an industrial area, conceivably involving with the trains in Junk Flea or Pump Jack.

Available Game Modes

Quarantine Regen

This mode came along with the map. In the ventilation area, there is a ladder inside that leads to the roof. One of the buildings has been barricaded and cannot be entered.


  • A infamous and numerous amount of glitches had been introduced inside the map, and have been partially patched in the Combat Arms Reboot Update.
  • On one of the located yellow 'Skid Steer Loader' found in the map, the Korean Product Manager's name "Su-Kyung" can be found written on it.
    • Su-Kyung


Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal's Walkthrough


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