HP, or Health Points, is a measurement of a player's healthiness. It starts at 100, and decreases when the player takes Damage. When it hits 0, the player dies.

Losing HP

  — Male player getting shot 

  — Female player getting shot 
  • HP is primarily lost by taking damage from opposing gunfire, grenades, fire/gas weaponry, mines, or other sort of weapons.
  • HP is automatically decreased to 0 from contact with deep water.
  • HP is automatically decreased to 0 from a high jump or fall from a dangerously high location to a lower one, though sometimes HP is dramatically lowered, but does not kill the player.

Reducing HP Loss

It is recommended to all players to avoid losing HP as much as possible from the ways you can above. Heavy Vests or any vest that offers damage reduction allows damage to be reduced from projectiles (not any explosive), which is one of the ways the player can survive longer than usual. Note that regardless of vest, damage will not be reduced taken from fall damage (only exceptions are Infected hides and NPCs).

Recovering HP

Specialists can actually add back a portion of their HP with the use of the Medkit or First Aid Kit. (which affects team members as well) In Fireteam, players can recover health by obtaining green medical boxes that are randomly dropped by killed enemies, or when they reach a new checkpoint. In Spy Hunt, when players obtain an Intel Case, they become a Spy and recover their HP; if they are already a spy and obtain another case, they also recover their HP.

Other Means To Losing HP

Another mean to losing HP would be OPK (A Hacker standing on one spot shooting you through any obstacle) This will reduce your HP to eventually 0 depedending on the weapon their using.

Being Nexowned is another way to instantly lose HP dramatically to usually a single digit or 0. (uncommon but possible)