A Headshot is used to describe any kill caused by an injury to the head.  


Headshots deal a lot more damage to the victim than anywhere else on the body, such as the chest or arms. Should the attack hit the head, around 5 times the damage will be done, the enemy is usually killed instantly. (unless they have protection from Head gear or unless the weapon isn't strong enough and sometimes shot from a great distance)

When a player gets a headshot, the announcer will yell "Headshot!" and a small picture of a broken skull will briefly appear on-screen. During the Halloween season, a pumpkin replaces that skull instead.


  • Shooting the Super Spy in the head will be no different from shooting him in the torso, making headshots practically useless.
    • A hidden update in the 2/20/14 Patch allowed this to increase the survival rate of the Super Spy. (Source- Combat Arms Forums #8 Post by Brozooka)

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