A government Environmental Investigation Team came across an unknown region and called for backup, but shortly after a second team was sent out, all communication was suddenly cut off. Guided by the information in the last transmission, the government seeks to explore the mysterious region for unknown life forms. Catching wind of the government's plan, the terrorists send in elite troops of their own.

What was once just valleys where naive hikers have fallen off the face of the earth has now become a hotbed for international criminal activity. The best trackers can make sense of the winding roads and overgrown trails to let armed forces with the best dollar conduct businesses out of sight to anyone who dares to police the area. When the winds are just right, a thick fog blankets these hills and valleys, creating a veil so thick even a clash between Warcorp and the UAF remains a private venue.
  — Mission Briefing 
Hallow Ravine
Hallow ravine.png
Hallow ravine2.png Hallow ravine3.png
Name Hallow Ravine
Other Names HR, Ravine, Hallow
Size Very Large
Location Unknown
Popularity Very Low

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Hallow Ravine is the 33rd map in Combat Arms. It was released during the 08-26-11 Content Update, as part of the Fusion update.


Hallow Ravine is set in a dark and abandoned canyon. It is filled with a maze of tunnels and overhangs that could be either man-made or "natural" formations. Environmental particles and fog are always in effect.

Game Modes

The modes that can be played on Hallow Ravine are:


Not only is this war-torn canyon's past shrouded in mystery - the barren, eerie atmosphere may hint at something else behind the scenes.


Mysterious etchings.

There are a number of strange markings throughout the tunnels in the area, based on the Elder Futhark language. It is unknown if they have a set order in which they appear, or if each individual marking has its own meaning.

For more about the Elder Futhark language, see here.

  • While not all the symbols have been located; the ones that have been discovered include:
  • Clockwise; starting from the "Y" symbol in the image to the right:
  1. Y - "Elk-sedge" (A plant native to western North America)
  2. P - "Joy"
  3. S - "Sun"
  4. F - "Ash"
  5. Last Symbol (top-left) - "Estate"

Each symbol represents its own letter. In this case, they are o, z, a, w and s. One possible combination is Sowza, which is the pronounciation of Souza, the name of Combat Arms' fifth specialist.


A UAV (like the ones from Fireteam) constantly probes the area. It seems to gathering some sort of information, though it is unknown what, and who for. There are 2 of these probes hovering near the spawn points. They can be seen at the truck.


  • It remains unconfirmed whether the "unidentified life forms" are the Infected, or something else entirely. They could be the Abnormalities, since they are encountered in a cold environment. This means that Abnormalities have existed way before the Outpost 31 incident.
  • This is one of the first maps to utilize fog and particle effects continually.
  • It is also the second map to feature an echo effect; the first being Overdose.
  • This map may be based on warzones from other games, such as Halo (labyrinth-like area with many different ways to get to places), and a vague nod to the infamous Area 51.
  • It is possible to drop out of the rat hole without losing health. You'll need to be able to jump out and slide down the walls, similarly how you'd slide in Kill Creek to reach the bottom. This works best jumping to the Bravo side out of the higher rat hole.



Combat Arms Fusion Stage 1 Trailer

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