This is a historical page that documents Weapons, Gear, Modes, Maps, Sales, or Events that are no longer available, and as such, information should only be added.

The Gun Emporium was a game feature run by Bubba Ares, which allowed players to forge, combine, and customize their weaponry - with the exception of Melee weapons, Explosives, and Specialist Items

It is the successor to the Gun Emporium (Beta), and was later succeeded by The Emporium.


All forged weapons were listed in a dropdown list, where one can easily see what they would want to forge.

There is a 80% success rate cap on customizations. The default success rate is 50%.

In order to increase the success percentage, increments of GP can be added.

Just like the Original Gun Emporium, there are levels of customization. While the Original Gun Emporium may have used different quality parts, the current uses generic Customization Parts. The levels of Customization range from 1 to 3, level 1 being the lowest. The higher the level, the less of a negative impact there is on the weapon. For example a Level 1 customization on the Trigger of a weapon will increase the Rate of Fire by a degree, but also will increase the recoil that the weapon has. It also may or may not affect the recoil pattern of said weapon. A level 1 customization will require 5 Customization Parts, level 2 being 10 parts and level 3 being 20 parts.

Changes from the Original Gun Emporium

  • Permanent Items can be forged.
  • There's no longer permanently fail weapon customization.
  • Success rate is capped at 80%, depending on how much GP is sacrificed to increase success %.
  • Players no longer use specific parts (i.e Trigger, Barrel) of a weapon to customize.

List of Forgeable Weapons

See List of Forged Guns.

List of Forging Hardware

See Forging Hardware.


  • To celebrate the re-release of the Gun Emporium, all weapons with failed customization slots (prior to the update) have been renewed to their former glory.
  • This feature is also known as Gun Emporium Gold.
  • The Gun Emporium was in turn replaced by The Emporium, which is a combination of the Gun Emporium and Shop tabs.


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