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Glitch Map

The Glitch Map is the one map that predates all others.

Ironically, it doesn't actually exist at all in the game; yet a massive number of (failed) attempts to "discover" this map have indadvertedly made it one of the most infamous legends of Combat Arms.


The default image supposedly features a desert town or oasis. It may have been an early idea that was scrapped, or later replaced with areas like Desert Fox.


It has been inferred that the Glitch Map is the primary placeholder for every other map in the game. Because it only appears in the brief moment while you are loading, it is technically not a "real" map.


The only way to "experience" the Glitch Map is to enter a room lobby with a slow computer. It is also possible to see the description of the map, which just says "Map Description." It will then appear for 2 seconds at the longest (before the real map has a chance to load) until it disappears, though with a decent connection you may never see it at all.

The slower you load, the higher chance you have at witnessing the map, so attempting to view the map on a sluggish computer--with a bad connection--is most likely the best way to catch a glimpse of it.


  • There is a very small possibility that Nexon uses the Glitch Map as a unique map for testing purposes.
  • Updates to Combat Arms' UI have made the Glitch Map a lot harder to witness firsthand.
    • Glitch Map's image can no longer be viewed ingame due to the complete overhaul of the Room Lobby UI.
  • After Fireteam was first announced, many players thought this would be the map it would be released with. This proved to be untrue, however, with the release of Desert Thunder.
  • Players who saw the Glitch Map thought that perhaps it was a leaked image of a new area. Some players even tried (out of desperation) to get a multitude of players into a Game Room as fast as possible in order to test this map, to no avail.