A gas grenade which releases a deadly nerve agent which affects the respiratory and nervous systems, damaging those who inhale its fumes.
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The G7A Gas is a painful nerve gas explosive. It can be bought in the Support Section of the Shop. The G7A Gas produces a light purple gas, and will take off approximately 25-30 damage after contact with the gas cloud. Gas masks can be worn to lessen the effect of from this weapon.

Gas grenades are often used to stop players from going through a passage by blocking it with the gas clouds. If the player gets out of the gas cloud fast enough, the draining damage would disappear faster. Note that this gas cloud would disappear within a few seconds, unlike the M23F, which stays for about 14 seconds.

Compared with the M23F Grenade, the gas' effect lasts shorter but does more damage per second. G7A does about 10 damage per second while in the smoke.

The grenade can also explode should an external damage inflicting component be present. For example, if the G7A or M23F grenade was thrown and gunfire or explosives were to hit the thrown grenade it will release the gas contents immediately unlike the M69-series of grenades. Many players tend to "chemicalize" the spawn with a combination of G7A and M23F (much to the frustration of others). This is an effective strategy of weakening the enemy before facing them in a gun fight. A poisoned user will have his/her screen flash purple (which poses a real risk to users who have epilepsy). 

This weapon will hurt the user but won't hurt the user's teammates, unless Friendly Fire is on.



G7A Gas


Silver II
G7A Gas


  • As of the 9/19/12 Patch, the G7A Gas (along with the M23F Incendiary) is allowed to be used in Fireteam. Before that, it was a restricted weapon in Fireteam.
  • Players affected by the G7A Gas will have their screen go black due to incompatible graphics cards that are incapable of dealing with purple screen flashes.
  • As with the M23F Incendiary Grenade, the G7A Gas Grenade can be prematurely detonated by weapon fire and explosion damage.
  • The G7A Gas, along with all other gas grenades, does not affect players with a spawn shield.