Made of high-density polymers for superior, lightweight construction. Uses a 15-round clip.
  — The Arsenal 

The G23 (Glock 23) is a pistol that can be bought for 300 Gear Points a day at the shop.


The G23 is a semi-automatic pistol. It is an average 4-5 shot kill. However, it compensates for its relatively low damage by boasting a 15-round standard magazine and low recoil, making rapid fire an efficient tactic.

The G23 can be fitted with all modifications.



  • The G23, like all pistols, is subject to occasional jamming when a player's connection is laggy. The G23 will refuse to fire when attempting to shoot rapidly.
  • The G23 can be forged, with 3 Replica Pallets, to the 32SW2.
  • Behind the K5 series, the G23 has the second-highest fire rate of all pistols. 
  • Along with the USP, the G23 is considered among the best shop obtainable pistols in the game, due to its effectiveness, low rank requirement, and cost.
  • During the Forge-a-thon Event this pistol could be forged into a Alien Gun with 15 Battery Pallets and 5 Plastic Pallets
  • Upon close inspection of the weapon, this G23 does not have a trigger bar in front of the trigger lever as most Glocks do. This implies, perhaps, this weapon has a manual thumb safety.
  • This weapon was once offered as a default weapon change. As of the 2-3-10 Patch, Default Weapon Changes have been removed from the Black Market and are no longer available whilst every other weapon in the Black Market were offered for Permanent Duration.
  • The slide of the G23 reads "Glock 23 Austria 40 SW"