An improved model of the G18, featuring better damage, recoil, accuracy, and fully automatic fire.
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The G18 Carbon Black is a GP Pistol introduced after the 18th October 2012 Content Update.


It is an upgrade of the regular G18, by means of a suppressor and a fully automatic firing mode. It is available for purchase at the rank of Second Lieutenant/V at the Shop. The G18 Carbon Black also receives a 2 point boost in damage, accuracy and one less point in recoil, making the G18 in comparison much worse. With such boosts in stats, comes a very hefty raise in the price tag as well, a 7 day duration costing 4,900 GP compared to the G18's 4,410 GP.



  • This is the third GP Pistol to have a fully automatic firing mode, the first two being the Desert Eagle and the Desert Eagle Black.
    • It's also the second GP Pistol to have an integrated suppressor (first being the USP Tactical).
    • It's also the second pistol to feature both Burst Fire and full automatic fire. The first is its NX Rare Variant, the G18 Chrome.
  • The G18 Carbon Black has a unique firing sound, just like the Alien Gun and the Squirt Gun.
  • This weapon is tied with the Python, TT Pistol and the P220 SE for being the most expensive GP sidearm in the game, even more expensive than various primary weapons.
  • There is a bug that didn't allow users to attach an iTech Reflex Sight. However, ACOG Scopes seem to work.
  • The slide of this weapon reads "Glock 18C Austria 9x19mm"
    • This would identify this weapon as a Glock 18C and not just a Glock 18


  • The drawing animation of the G18 Carbon Black.
  • The firing animation of the G18 Carbon Black.
  • The burst-mode firing animation of the G18 Carbon Black.
  • The reloading animation of the G18 Carbon Black.
  • The sprinting animation of the G18 Carbon Black.