An Austrian-made light handgun chambered for the 9mm Parabellum. Its upgraded firing mechanism allows for burst fire mode.
  — The Arsenal 

The G18 is a pistol released during the 11-26-08 Patch. It is the cousin of the original G23, and one of the four Secondary Weapons to date that support Burst Fire mode (the others being the Beretta 93R, the G18 Chrome and the G18 Carbon Black.)


The G18 is functionally very similar to the G23. The Arsenal's statistics claim that it has a slightly higher recoil than the G23, but it actually performs on par with the G23 in-game when in semi-auto mode. The G18's burst mode option allows those who suffer from "pistol jams" to surpass their limited use of the G23 as the burst feature greatly reduces the risk of jamming. Fast clickers are capable of firing the G18 and G23 faster in semi-auto mode than the G18's burst feature allows, rendering such a feature mostly useless. However, it seems that it G18 has higher accuracy when in burst mode, strange enough, since single fire is supposedly easier to control. The G18 suffers from a major setback because the burst function, which is the lack of ammo when using the burst function because with a standard magazine of 15/30, it has only 15 bursts in total.



  • The G18, like all pistols, is subject to occasional jamming, especially when in semi-automatic fire mode. When a player's connection is laggy, the G18 will refuse to fire when attempting to shoot rapidly.
  • The G18 is rarely used by the Combat Arms pistol community do to its lack of practical use and overpricing.
  • It actually has a faster rate of fire than its NX-Standard variant.
  • The slide of this weapon reads "Glock 18C Austria 9x19mm"
    • This would identify this weapon as a Glock 18C and not just a Glock 18.
  • The G18 is the first pistol in the game to have a burst fire capability.
  • This weapon is actually more mobile than the M9.


  • The drawing animation of the G18.
  • The firing animation of the G18.
  • The burst-mode firing animation of the G18.
  • The reloading animation of the G18.
  • The sprinting animation of the G18.