A female character with Desert Camo and various other head and face equipment.

Female (or Girl/Woman) is one of two genders, the other being Male.

Female characters tend to appear less often than males in the game, though they are usually held in higher regard.

In-Game History

At first, Combat Arms had only 4 available character models, all of whom were Males. After the debut of the Black Market, another male character was added, making him one of the first Mercenaries.

At nearly the same time, however, was the introduction of the first female character in the game: Mei. Her release caused plenty of mixed reactions among the community. Lots of players complained that she was slimmer in width, therefore decreasing the possibility of getting shot at. There were even complaints of Mei being faster than any other character. Balances were made and statistics were adjusted, but players never really recovered from the upset. After the 12-16-08 Content Update, Kamara joined the Mercenaries as the newest female character in the game, and two female Base Characters were added not long afterwards, including a "secret" persona which could only be accessed with NX.

Viper became the first female Specialist in 2009, and has been one of the most coveted player characters ever since.


Female Characters are often coveted for their looks and their obvious immunity to Nut Shots.

At the time, male characters could be immediately killed if a single bullet hit their crotch, while the females who lacked this flaw had the clear advantage. Many players became enraged and switched to a female character model instead. After months of debate, the Nut Shot lost its ability to take down male characters with one hit (they will take normal damage when hit there), but it still remained in the game. While this infuriated players who had spent money to switch characters, it partially settled the conflict.


  • ALL Female characters share the same exact model, including the Striker.
  1. So while some female mercenaries may seem more-or-less different than others, they are exactly the same. It is all a matter of perception, as while some character models may seem more revealing than others, they are virtually the same in every possible way (ex. this character and Raven).
  • Many players look down on female base users because of their apparent smaller hitboxes.
  • There is a current glitch in the game where female base players may sometimes glitch into the ground by sinking half-way and coming back out. This mostly happens when the player jumps frequently.