Shorter Magazines which have smaller round capacities but allow for faster reloads.
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The Fast Loader Mag II is a Magazine Modification introduced in the 11-12-08 Patch. It is an upgraded version of the Fast Loader Mag I. It provides the user with an even smaller magazine size and a very fast reload speed. This is currently the magazine modifier that provides the fastest reload time.


The Fast Loader Mag II reduces magazine size by 30% and increases reload speed by 30%. For example, a 10 round magazine gun with an added Fast Loader Mag II, would have a 7 round magazine, but a 30% faster reload speed.

30 Round Magazine (Most Guns): 21 Bullets per magazine 35 Round Magazine : 26 Bullets per magazine 100 Round Magazine (All MG): 70 Bullets per magazine


The Fast Loader Mag II is fairly uncommon due to the heavy reduction of ammo. Despite the faster reloads, the resulted smaller Magazine limits the players killing capabilities and can be very annoying halfway through a battle. Players also tend to avoid it because you will need to pay NX for it. It can now be purchased using GP. This attachment, when used, is most commonly added to shotguns. Since most shotguns reload only one bullet at a time and the reloading process can be interrupted at any time, users experience next to no inconvenience in combat. This attachment is also used, albeit rarely, on fast reloading SMGs such as the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 and the T-2 to aid in hit-and-run tactics most commonly used in Quarantine Regen.


  • Like all of the Magazines, this one does not affect the gun's actual appearance.
  • Strangely, the item's icon in the inventory shows a magazine that is actually larger than the one shown by the Fast Loader Mag I.
  • The Fast Loader Mag II is a popular gifting item because of its low price. It is tied with the Respawn Token for most gifted item.
  • From June 23 to June 29 of 2010, the Fast Loader Mag II-SMG could be bought for one day for only 99NX
  • The Fast Loader Mag II was available for permanent duration during the Cinco De Mayo Event (2013) , at a price of 8,500 NX.