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Elimination Pro
Also known as
Elim Pro, EP
Win 5-11 rounds by killing the whole other team without having all of the people on your team die
Time limit
3 minutes
Player settings
Ghost Town

Gray Hammer
Grave Digger
Junk Flea
Rattle Snake
Pump Jack
Death Room
Two Towers
Snow Valley
Cold Seed
Sand Hog
Power Surge
Kill Creek
Death Row
Red Canyon
Battle at City Center
Junk Flea 2
Lunar Labs
Quantum Labs
Water Strider
Crystal Tower
Deadly Dunes

Hell Gate

Teams Alpha and Bravo square off in fights to the death! Each player has only one life per round to kill all of the opposition before time runs out to win the round and score a point. To win the game, your team must reach the score goal before the enemy can. This battle is designed to reward teamwork and efficient strikes, truly a test of a soldier's skill and precision!

Elimination Pro is the ninth Game Mode added into Combat Arms in the 9-30-09 Patch.


This game mode is similar to Search and Destroy without the bomb, and as the name implies, is aimed at more experienced players. After being introduced along with several events, it is played often. Like Elimination, the game mode's prime objective is to take down all enemy personnel until you and your team have reached the limit of points. Unlike Elimination, players cannot respawn once they are dead, and the match is separated into rounds. The team must think tactically to survive, similar to the Search and Destroy mode. Once one team has no more players left alive, the round ends, leading to the next one, giving a point to the team with at least one soldier still alive. The team that reaches the score limit wins.

Please note: This game mode is a timed mode, meaning the round could end before either team is completely wiped out.

Contrary to popular belief, the team with the most players left standing winning does not always win. If the teams are equal, the team with the most kills (suicides do not count) wins. A draw will occur when teams have equal amount of kills and equal amount of remaining players (Health points of players do not take into factor). This may be uncommon because players wander around in search of the final surviving enemies.

This game mode can be played on all of the regular maps.



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