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Kill enemy players a total of 30-140 times, with the aid of teammates and unlimited respawns
Time limit
Player settings
1v1 to 8v8 (2 to 16)
Extremely High
Battle at City Center

Bloodbath Bazaar
Castle Storm
Cold Seed
Costa Recon
Crystal Tower
Deadly Dunes
Death Room
Death Row
Death Room (Invis)
Ghost Town
Grave Digger
Gray Hammer
Hallow Ravine
Heavy Metal
Heir of the Tomb
Junk Flea
Junk Flea (Dark)
Junk Flea 2
Kill Creek
Last Vegas
Lunar Labs
Oil Rig Overdose
Oil Rig
Power Surge
Pump Jack
Quantum Labs
Red Canyon
Rural Estate
Sand Hog
Sector 25
Short Fuse
Silent Square
Snow Valley
Tower Bridge
Two Towers

Water Strider
Since the beginning of Combat Arms

Your team's mission is simple: eliminate the enemy!
  — Official Combat Arms website 

Elimination is a team death match between Alpha and Bravo. To win, players must kill a set amount of enemy players, at which point the team that has reached the kill limit wins the match.


Two teams, Alpha and Bravo, have separate spawn points on different ends of a map. Players of either team then proceed to find and kill members of the opposing team, which nets their team a kill towards winning the match. However, should they die, the opposing team will then gain a kill point. Players who have died respawn after five seconds (unless you have the ability relentless, which shortens it), and are granted a three second invulnerability to protect against spawn killing. Once the kill limit is reached by one of the teams, the match ends and the team that reached the kill limit first wins.

Committing suicide by jumping off high surfaces or killing oneself with explosives will not grant a player the First Kill accolade, but will still count as a death for the player, and as a kill point for the opposing team. Players killing each other when Friendly Fire is enabled will also count as points for the opposing team.

The amount of kills needed to win the round is set by the Room Moderator, and can be between thirty and one hundred and forty.


  • Due to it being one of the first game modes released, and its general ease and player-friendliness, Elimination is currently the most played game mode in Combat Arms.
  • Elimination can be played on all maps except for Fireteam, VIP escort maps, and Hired Guns maps. These maps are Desert Thunder, Desert Fox, Cabin Fever, Black Lung , and Blood Money.
  • On smaller maps, grenades are commonly blindly thrown in order to get easy kills; because of players respawning, players who do this then get killed in order to get grenades back.
  • You could finish the game with more than the kills needed. Example- you need 140 kills and you have 139... you get a double kill with a grenade, collateral or a LAW/RPG-7 and end the game with 141 kills instead.
  • The maximum kill limit for elimination in Clan Matches (Bulldog Server) is 100 instead of the usual 140.
  • Elimination's brother game mode is Elimination Pro.
  • Elimination's sister game mode is VIP Elimination.