This upgraded G18 sports a silencer, scope and a glorious chrome finish. As it supports both 3-round burst and full auto modes, this weapon is more than just for good looks. A digital camouflage has been applied.
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The Digital Camo G18 Chrome CORE is a 1-Star Gold Grade NX Rare Pistol and a Core variant of the G18 Chrome.


In terms of performance, the Digital Camo G18 Chrome CORE performs exactly the same with the G18 Chrome. The only statistical difference between the Core variant and the original Chrome is the Core variant's increased ammo magazine size and ammo capacity at 17/34 (The G18 Chrome having 15/30). It also has the integrated ACOG TA3 Scope and S1 Suppressor modifications.

Funny enough, although the original G18 Chrome lacks the 'Chrome' feel on its weapon, the "Chrome" attribute under the Core variant's name can be disregarded as the digital camouflage applied no longer gives the somewhat Chrome-like look the original did with its dull/silver metallic slide.

Just like the original G18 Chrome, the Digital Camo G18 Chrome CORE's recoil and spray pattern can also be somewhat predicted as it still fires in a way which arranges your bullets to look like a '7', sometimes inverted, when going full auto. It follows the same patterns as the original; the first 6-8 bullets, the recoil will go up at a large rate while slightly going diagonally and the pistol's spread staying fairly minimal. After that, the upwards recoil settles down while going increasingly more diagonal and the spread increasing.

The firing mode is always set to Automatic at the beginning of every match, unlike other automatic pistols which are set to burst or single, giving the advantage to the user of not having to remember to switch the pistol's firing mode each match.


Events & Trivia

  • In Combat Arms Brazil the Digital Camo G18 Chrome CORE is changed to: "G18 Chrome CORE Digital Camo".


Draw Firing and Reloading
The drawing animation of the Digital G18 Chrome CORE
Firing & Reloading animation of the Digital Camo G18 Chrome
In-scope Sprint
The scoping animation of the Digital G18 Chrome Core
The sprinting animation of the Digital G18 Chrome CORE

Digital Camo G18 CORE High Resolution image of the Digital Camo G18 Chrome CORE

  • G18 Chrome FIRE
  • G18 Chrome RELOAD1
    "Reload 1"'
  • G18 Chrome RELOAD2
    "Reload 2"'
  • G18 Chrome RELOAD3
    "Reload 3"'
  • G18 Chrome RELOAD3
  • G18 Chrome DESELECT