Chambered for the fearsome .50 AE round, this heavy pistol is practically a powerful as a rifle. However, with the high power comes bone-jarring recoil.
  — The Arsenal 

The Desert Eagle is an automatic Pistol. It was introduced into Combat Arms during the 2-25-09 Patch.


Its massive damage tops that of the Anaconda Black, meaning its high-caliber ammo can take down enemies of all Vest types within two shots. Sadly, the Desert Eagle has the second highest recoil of any handgun, though it might be because of its automatic-fire capability.

It has a very large spread and questionable accuracy, which leads to many misses and unexpected hits on enemies. For this reason, the Desert Eagle is not favoured by players looking for a reliable backup weapon.

The Desert Eagle is also the first pistol to have a unique weight that differs from other pistols, which all have the same weight. Its low portability and slow automatic fire balances the high damage.

A Desert Eagle cannot be fitted with a scope or a suppressor, but magazine modifications are enabled. There is only one extra standard magazine for the Desert Eagle, so bullets tend to disappear faster than any other pistol. To remedy this issue, an Extended Magazine II will allow the Desert Eagle to hold all 14 rounds at once, so one doesn't have to reload at all with it equipped.

Due to a series of complaints, Nexon has nerfed the Desert Eagle and most if not all of its variants to have a slightly slower fire rate.



  • This weapon is the first Pistol released in the game that is capable of automatic fire.
  • In game, the Desert Eagle is notacably shorter compared to real life
  • The slide has the words "Desert Eagle .50AE Pistol Military Industries LTD (M.I)" engraved on it


  • The drawing animation of the Desert Eagle.
  • The firing animation of the Desert Eagle.
  • The reloading animation of the Desert Eagle.
  • The sprinting animation of the Desert Eagle.