Death Row
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Name Death Row
Other Names Prison
Size Large
Location Unknown Location
First Introduced 12th of August, 2012
Popularity Very Low

Main Discussion

A bloody battle breaks out on Death Row as soldiers clamor to secure 5 Control Points that funnel resources onto the battlefield. A touch of chaos enters the fray when both sides use their funds to hire outside mercenaries and construct fortifications. Use your funds wisely and seize the control points to obliterate the enemy!

Playable Game Modes:

Death Row is the 39th map released in Combat Arms, which was released on 08/12/12. It is the second map playable in Hired Guns mode.


Taking place within a prison, Death Row involves the battle to seize the compound and it's five control points. Being a Hired Guns map, the player may use points to obtain NPC mercs to fight for their side.

As of the 12th of October, 2012, Second Wind update, this map is now available for more game modes. For Elimination and Elimination Pro, it has been stated that the map has been slightly reworked.

Hired Guns

The Hired Guns system on Death Row works differently than the one on Blood Money. The most visible difference is that the Hired Guns menu may only be accessed from the spawn, and captured control points. There are also different mercs to hire, namely the classic Scorpion, Raven, and Souza, with their respective custom weapons. In addition to mercs, the players may also spend points (2000 Points) to activate pre-placed turrets. One may also spend points (1000 Points) on replenishing their health and/or ammo.

In order to win, one side must either reach a pre-determined amount of points (15000, 20000, or 30000). Each control point held by the player's team will grant 10 points per second. Furthermore if the player's team hold all the control points for 60 seconds it will result in an automatic victory.

A further in-depth overview of Death Row can be found here.

There is an unfortunate exploit in this map. A player can spawn AI mercs indefinitely at the control points for another player to kill over and over - which grants XP and improves one's kill ratio - just as with killing an actual human player. This makes the Death Row map in Hired Guns mode attractive to players who abuse this exploit as a way of powerleveling. Currently Nexon has not remedied this. This exploit, however, is bannable.

Second Naming Event

This map's name was decided in a contest, among the following names:

  • Death Row
  • Lock Down
  • Life Sentence
  • Jail Break
  • Firing Squad


  • This is the second map to have its name decided by the Community, the first being Costa Recon.
    • However, the names that the players chose from were made by Nexon.
  • After complaints of not earning enough GP/EXP per match, Nexon decided to raise it.
  • The turrets exclusive to Hired Guns mode are gold coated, to distinguish from human specialist-deployed ones.
  • This is the first Hired Guns map to have other game modes.
  • Death Row was removed from Combat Arms Global after the Reloaded update.