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After the raid on the Oskrov biochemical weapons plant turned up empty, classified intelligence was obtained detailing a hidden underground facility in nearby metropolitan Voltir. It is said that massive amounts of state-of-the-art biochemical weapons were moved and are now being stored there. Any leak of these weapons could cause an irreversible biochemical disaster, causing hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties and rendering the city inhabitable. Locate and destroy the weapons at any cost.
  — Sitrep 

Death Room
Death Room Remastered1.png
Death Room Remastered2.png Death Room Remastered6.png Death Room Remastered7.png
Name Death Room
Other Names DR, D Room, Nade house
Size Extremely Small
Location Kazakhstan
First Introduced January 18, 2017
Popularity High

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Death Room
Death Room.PNG
DR1.png DR2.png
Name Death Room
Other Names DR, D Room, Nade house
Size Extremely Small
Location Kazakhstan
First Introduced February 25, 2009
Popularity High

Main Discussion

Death Room is the 12th released map in Combat Arms, being featured as a Map exclusive to Combat Arms Europe. Starting from the 2-25-09 Patch, it became available for the Global version of the game. It is also the 3rd map to be revamped and released for Operation: Janus Beta on January 18, 2017.


Death Room is almost entirely indoors and is set in a seemingly abandoned secret facility. Featuring multiple levels, this map contains many tightly spaced areas, so combat is centered in Close-Quarters Battle. As a result of this, using Explosives can cause utter chaos for everyone in the game. Sniper Rifles can be rendered ineffective by the close quarters, so assault rifles, machine guns, and Submachine guns are mainly used. Death Room features automatic doors, like the doors in Sector 25, which open about a second after a player moves near it.

Everything is close and compact in Death room, passages are narrow, and the entire map is so small that not even the spawns can be separately described. In essence, the map consists of two rooms, each serving as the spawn for one team, separated by a wall with two automatic doors and a hallway running above the wall, which can be accessed by climbing a set of stairs in each room.

Available Game Modes


The Hall

Death Room Overview

The Hall, as it is known, is merely a hallway with ledges on the sides that can be accessed from some steps. There are a few stacked boxes here and only two exits. This is where mines, smoke grenades, and gas grenades can be most commonly witnessed. There is also a gap on either side of the wooden panels of the Hall. Shots and grenades can penetrate this gap, causing damage to the occupants below. If there is a LAW or RPG-7 wielder on the enemy team, make sure that he/she isn't launching a rocket/grenade down the hallway, as this is quite common and can cause large amounts of damage. Snipers sometimes camp by the boxes or at the end of the hall. Since they are most using L96s, players are advised to throw a grenade down the hall upon climbing the stairs. Specialist weapons cause absolute havoc here because there is practically no place to hide from weapons such as the M32 Grenade Launcher or the M134 Minigun. There is also total chaos when in a Death Room Match with more than ten players.

CTF Controversy

A number of players have been able to dominate the top 10 rankings in less than four months by playing Capture the Flag mode on this map, with an Elite Moderator. The players on one team will repeatedly rush 7 flags, ending the game in less than two minutes, and resulting in large amounts of EXP for the flag runner(s). The Elite Moderator will kick any players on either team who attempt to slow down this process either by killing players or defending the enemy flag. On January 7, 2010, Nexon Forums moderator StoneGold posted a thread stating Nexon's awareness of the situation.

"Face front, soldiers!

We've become aware of the abusive activities of Death Room Capture the Flag. The Death Room CTF "power leveling" is a direct violation of the Terms of Use. Players who have been engaging in this activity will be given appropriate punishments. Going forward, any players found guilty of this or any other forms of "powerleveling" will receive additional punishments up to a dishonorable discharge.

  — StoneGold 


  • This map is the smallest map in Combat Arms. It is even smaller than Junk Flea.
  • This map is the first nearly totally indoors map (Alpha Team has an outside area just behind their spawn).
  • This map is the one of two maps (along with Showdown) that takes place in a country that is entirely in Asia (Junk Flea takes place in Russia, which is in both Asia and Europe).
  • Death Room was featured in a Quarantine Mode Trailer, but as of yet does not feature Quarantine Mode.
  • According to the Quarantine Trailer, the strange containers within Death Room contain cryogenically frozen Host Infected. Further according to Death Room's official description, the Infected (or maybe even the Infection itself) may be the "chemical weapons" that the UAF failed to find within Cold Seed. It is not known however if the Quarantine Mode Trailer, or the presense of "Death Room" in the Trailer are considered canon.
  • Often, the game room name of death room elimination is set to be nade house, as it describes the main weapon usage.


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All screenshots taken from the New Engine were taken on Ultra settings on the Development Build.

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