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Dark Hill
Map DarkHills
Name Dark Hill
Size Large
First Introduced December 9th, 2015 (Combat Arms Europe).
Popularity Very High

Main Discussion

There is a desolated misty forest within the mountain beds near the boundary. Inside the forest there is an open field hills surrounded by the trees. Recently, stories have been told that residents heard gun shots, screams from human and saw transportation vehicles going back and forth occasionally. These were reported to the local police and they went out for patrol. They have never been heard since then and JSF headquarters found it suspicious and decided to dispatch search team to the Dark Hills.
  — Map Description 

Dark Hill is Combat Arms' 59th map.

It was released on December 9th, 2015 for North America/Europe [1]

It is the only available map that you can play the game mode Hunted.


On top of the hill is scanner antennas along with generators that operate it, along with a few amount of fences. Around the hill are several rocks, trees, buildings, trailers, and crates which can provide cover.

There is a barn with it's doors boarded up on the outside to prevent entering, however it can be exited using the second floor window. It is used as a waiting room for players until the next round in the game mode Hunted.

The surrounding area is sealed off by a huge wall of dams to prevent escaping, and to flood the confined space.


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