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Crystal Tower
Glass Building Map.jpg
Name Crystal Tower
Size Medium
First Introduced 14th April, 2014.

Main Discussion

The business center is full of buildings, including financial institutions. Armed men took over the tall building that houses the bank server about an hour ago. No one knows their goal yet, but if they hack the server, then they can wreak havoc on the national economy. The enemies are heavily defending the entrances. The only way to access the building is through the tower bridge connected to the bank building.
  — Map description 

Crystal Tower is Combat Arms' 50 map. It was officially named by the community, after being developed by "Sniper."

Game Modes

Crystal Tower has currently 8 playable Game Modes:


This is a medium-sized map that features two super tall buildings connected by a tower bridge. The building sides are all glass, and the areas that aren't bulletproof can be destroyed.You can travel on the exteriors of tall buildings. They will be quick paths, but they will be dangerous.

The bases of each team are in layers to prevent bottlenecking.The roofs of both teams provide excellent sniping areas.

The tower bridge is made of glass so that you can see enemy movements. But the glass here is very strong since it is outside the’s bulletproof glass that won't break. Bullets, rockets, and grenades cannot penetrate it, however crossbows can, but to a limited extent.

Use the bridges on the side of the building if the tower bridge is too heavily fortified. But these bridges are still under construction, so you will be exposed.


  • The Map was developed with the name Glass Building. In a naming contest, the EU community decided on the name Crystal Clear, which was partially changed to Crystal Tower, which was applied to all versions of the game.