On January 26, 2017 the Official Combat Arms Korea website announced the shutdown of Combat Arms KR. As of March 9, 2017 (Thursday), the servers will no longer be accessible and the game will shutdown for good, including the official homepage.

Click here to read the post (translated in English).

Combat Arms Korea is a version of Combat Arms that is exclusive to South Korea. Their website can be found here.


South Korea was the first country to have access to Combat Arms, as well as Nexon's many other games.

However, that doesn't mean they have more features than Combat Arms North America (NX weapons as an example).
Korea ranks

Korea's ranks uses different badges, but with the same rank system.

One of the few reasons why the Korean Combat Arms is a bit more "primitive" than the ones in North America and Europe is because CA is a more "focused game" in those areas (as stated by a North American Nexon employee in an interview).

Combat Arms Korea features no Black Market, but as of the 16th November 2011 update they now have the new UI, however their music is somewhat different, having a rock/guitar beat as their default theme. They also have weapons that normally wouldn't be available in other versions of Combat Arms, such as the SA 18.

Content Updates

Combat Arms Korea recieves system maintenance on a frequent basis, as well as regular EXP/GP events and the occasional Supply Drop. Polls are conducted often, though the game does not usually recieve major "content" Patches.

As such, Combat Arms Korea has not had a major update since September 2012.



These are the weapons available in CA:K.

NOTE: As of the 16th November 2011 patch, the Supply Crate MYST-G was added. The included weapons are not listed here.

Assault Rifles

Sniper Rifles

Sub-Machine Guns

Machine Guns




Support Weapons


Specialist Weapons

NOTE: Combat Arms Korea does not have Specialist Backpack or 2 Slot Licenses, which means Specialists in Combat Arms Korea, can only hold one specialist weapon and one primary, secondary, melee, and support weapon, respectively.

Game Modes


  • Combat Arms Korea is Combat Arms's original server.
  • Around Summer of 2013, Combat Arms Korea has been receiving contents (Like the M16A4TEC-9, and VIP Escort) before any other Combat Arms Servers.
  • Combat Arms is not really popular in Korea as there are other FPS games with better gameplay or graphics. 
  • During the 2013 Anniversary, Combat Arms Korea finally received NX-Standard and NX-Rare guns. However they can only be obtainable in a case (Unknown).