Combat Arms Brazil (BR) is another regional server of Combat Arms, run by Level Up! Interactive (who obtained permission and rights from the Korean Nexon). It became available to the public in September, 2010.

This version of Combat Arms, is very similar to the North America version.

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Historic Weapon

Almost all weapons considered by Combat Arms (North America) as Historic Weapon, are sold directly in the Brazilian Shop by GP or NX. In contrast, some weapons that Combat Arms Brazil has in Gun Emporium, are sold in the Shop in Combat Arms (North America).


  • CA BR is very different compared to the other servers, with scaled-down features not seen anywhere else.
  1. An example of this is their accolades, which was non-tinted and purely gray. After the July, 2013 patch, the accolades are red.
  2. Blood (which was originally a non-existent gray), is now available to players over 18+ years of age, as of 09/21/11.
  3. The Weapon Renewal Kit and the Super Weapon Renewal Kit do not renew Epic weapons. For that, you need the Epic Renewal Kit.
  4. The Demonic Renewal Kit has not yet released.
  5. The Epic submachine gun Mei's Revised MP7 MOD has not yet release. After the March, 2014 patch, the gun was added to Supply Crate MYST-N+.
  6. The Gun Emporium, does not have the Customization feature. After the April, 2014 patch, the feature has been added to the server.
  • CA Brazil celebrated its first Anniversary during September 2011.
  • CA Brazil celebrated its second Anniversary during September 2012.
  • CA Brazil celebrated its third Anniversary during September 2013.
  • In the third Anniversary and in Jan/2014, CA Brazil have unique New Missions in the Gun Emporium.
  1. On September 15th, a (then) region-exclusive character, Capitão Souza, was released. He was the first CA BR exclusive content.
  • Elite Moderators (permanent) were removed from the Brazilian server due to Power-Leveling issues.
  • Until shortly after the 1st Anniversary, the server has not received a major update, being very similar to the Korean server.
  • --L1ZARB-- was the first player to rank up to Brigadier General, playing mostly One Man Army.