"...Hand-picked amongst an elite group of soldiers for her brilliant mind and excellent physique. Viper is equipped with a special Combat Suit and can use a variety of Special Items with a diverse set of functions."
  — Official Combat Arms website [src]

Codename: Viper (Classic) is an elite female Specialist. Along with Scorpion, she was one of the first Specialists ever to be released in Combat Arms.

Tactical Advantage


Classic Viper is fast, has a slim base model, and is able to crouch lower than most characters and thus remain hidden much easier. In addition, Classic Viper has a Stamina increase of 30%, surpassing the Black Beret/ROKMC Hat and falling only behind Classic Raven and the Shapka.

Classic Viper was purchasable (with a rank of Second Lieutenant/I) from the Shop and Black Market, with a price of 3,900 NX for a 7-day period and a price of 7,900 NX for a 30-day period for the latter. Viper could have also been obtained permanently from a Black HiSec Case (though the chance was exceedingly slim).


Not surprisingly, Classic Viper was one of the most popular Specialists (or any Mercenary for that matter) due to the fact that many people admired her looks and statistical boosts.

And just like Classic Hawk and Classic Raven, she greatly overshadows Classic Scorpion in terms of abilities.



Classic Viper


Silver III
Classic Viper
Gold I
Classic Viper


  • In the May 17th patch, Viper was reskinned and rebalanced. Her original model and stats were retained as "Classic Viper".
  • Classic Viper's unique Specialist trait is that she is very quick, with an astounding natural stamina.
  • Her personal weapon is the P90 TR, most preferably: her own.
  • Classic Viper and Classic Scorpion both have their camouflage flaws. While they both wear black body-suits, Scorpion's grey body armor contrasts too much, and Viper shows off too much skin.
  • Like Classic Scorpion, Classic Hawk, and Classic Raven; Classic Viper is often looked down upon due to her many advantages. Most players believe they caused a gaming imbalance, which they were officially nerfed.
  • Many players have criticized about Classic Viper's unfair speed advantage; With some of the newer equipment, however, one can easily match her speed.
  • Classic Viper was once the most used Specialist in the game, though she eventually lost her title to someone else).
  • Classic Viper was the first female character (in the game) to have exposed cleavage.
    • Though some advertisements and wallpapers had depicted women in such a way before, none of those characters were actually released.