A mercenary of the Black Market. She is the first playable female and along with Deckland the first mercenary playable. Mei (Classic) was unlocked at the rank of Captain/I and can be purchased in the Black Market/Shop.


A non-com officer of the secretive paramilitary group "Creed", Mei was selected for "non-standard" operations by Creed commanders for both her combat skills and her tactical abilities on the field. Highly intelligent, Mei has shown an uncanny ability to quickly adapt to new situations, as well as a particular knack for espionage.

Her latest mission involves tracking down a Creed double agent presumed to be ultimately working for the PMC "Warcorp". Mei has assumed a different identity to infiltrate Warcorp’s ranks, and her current whereabouts are unknown.



Classic Mei
Spec Ops Mei Set tag


Silver II
Classic Mei
Gold I
Spec Ops Mei Set tag


  • In Combat Arms Brazil, it was sold for Permanent duration on 01/12/2011~07/12/2011, for 27.900 NX
  • Classic Mei was resold for Permanent Duration for 40% off during the Goodbye Merc Sale (6/6/12-6/13/12.)


  • Mei was once the most purchased Mercenary in all of Combat Arms. She still is, if one doesn't count the Specialists.
  • Mei has her own custom weapons: the Mei's MP7 MOD and the Mei's Revised MP7 MOD .
  • Mei was the first Mercenary to ever be sold permanently.
  • On her custom MP7 MOD (see above), the Chinese character "美" is painted on its suppressor. 美 means "beautiful" in Chinese. Because it is used by a mercenary named Mei, it is doubtful that character is painted on the gun to suggest the gun itself is beautiful, but rather Mei simply wanted to have part of her Chinese name painted on her personal gun. This suggests that 美 is part of her actual Chinese name(Chinese names usually consists of 3-4 characters minimum).
  • "美" in Chinese PinYin is actually "mei", suggesting that Mei's name is in fact literally, "Beautiful".
  • In the trailer fighting against nade spammers one of the guns ironically shoot grenades.
  • Mei appears in most of Combat Arms short videos or "Blabber Boxes".
  • Baron pronounces Mei as "My", while Kamara pronounces it as "May".


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