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City of Wings
City of Wings Overview
Name City of Wings
Other Names CoW
Size Relatively Large
Location Brazil
First Introduced July 18, 2013
Popularity Average

Main Discussion

Search the shanty town for a researcher named Micaela, free her from her captors, and escort her to the helicopter.
  — Map description 

City of Wings is the 47th map in Combat Arms.

It was released in the 07/16/13 Content Update, and was the first VIP Escort map. On the 24th of May, 2017, City of Wings became playable in Elimination, One Man Army, Arms Race and Spy Hunt in Combat Arms Global.


This map takes place in a dilapidated shantytown, surrounded by alleyways with a marketplace in the center. Combat often takes place on the rooftops of the market area, which often becomes a no man's land due to the threat of snipers on both sides. The extraction point is located near the very center of the map, above those rooftops.

The hostage is located in a cell near the defense team's spawn point. There, the hostage can either have someone else open the cell for her (which is quicker) or open it herself (which takes longer).

Available Game Modes


  • It was the original VIP Escort map, and is also the default.
  • This map was developed by Sniper (Developer).

City of Wings (Event)

  • From the 31st of May, 2017 to the 21st of June, 2017, a second version of City of Wings, known as City of Wings (Event), was available on Global.


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