Camping is a tactic often used in FPS games. The central premise involves remaining in a certain location for an extended period of time, and eliminate enemy players as they come into range, rather than charging directly at them. It is generally considered the opposite of Rushing.

Camping may also be used as a stalling tactic in some games.


Camping often requires patience, staying in one location for long periods of time before moving is necessary to the tactic. General knowledge of the terrain, in predicting enemy movement, is an important factor, along with stealth and surprise.

Snipers often camp in order to pick off enemies from afar, or incoming threats from a safe distance. Crouching lowers and minimizes the player's character, as well as stabilizes aim at longer ranges, and camouflage helps the player to match their surroundings. Remaining out of view is advantageous, but not always required.

Staying in one place for too long can be risky; Kill Cams reveal your position to the enemy, and knowledge of your location gives them the opportunity to flush you out, throw a grenade, or kill you from afar. While campers often counter rushes, they can also be vulnerable to them.