Campaign (Scenario)



Complete Objectives, defeat AIs', unlock areas, Escape.

Campaign Mode, also known as Scenario Mode, is Nexon Korea's version of Fireteam. Campaign Mode is practically the exact same thing as Fireteam.


As players go through each Map's storyline, they will encounter new enemies and different missions. As they proceed, players must accomplish their objectives to unlock new areas and cutscenes. From a designated starting point, they will progress through the entire game until they complete all their objectives.

Differences between Campaign and Fireteam

Early gameplay footage revealed some minor differences between Fireteam and Campaign:

Starting the match, each player has a varied number of lives (depending on difficulty). Players go through all the missions and obstacles, and reach various Checkpoints. However, in Campaign, players gain an extra life if they had made it from the last Checkpoint to the next without dying. These extra lives can be obtained without cost, and can be stacked up, without the use of Respawn Tokens.


  • It is still unknown how many differences there are between Campaign and Fireteam, but there is most-likely very little differences.