The CAWiki Administration is made up of experienced editors who work behind-the-scenes to keep the Combat Arms Wiki running smoothly.


Appointments to the Staff are usually decided on by the Community, though experienced administrators have the right to appoint/demote a staff member---accordingly, based on their conduct---at any given time.

The Staff

These are the types of editors you may meet around the site, starting with the highest editorial authority in terms of experience.


Our Bureaucrats are seasoned Administrators who are both highly-experienced and respected by their peers. In terms of privileges, they are equal to any other Administrator - with the exception that only bureaucrats can appoint new Administrators or Moderators for the site.

In all other aspects, Bureaucrats are expected to adhere to the same code of honor as most administrators---if not more so.


Our Administrators are experienced and respected editors within the Community. The CAWiki relies on their wisdom to oversee many of our site's endeavors, ensuring stability and punishing troublemakers when necessary.

It is expected of an administrator to make fair judgements pertaining to important matters on the site, and to uphold a policy of good conduct as an example to all our editors.


Our Moderators are editors who patrol the site and assist other editors wherever they can. While they don't hold as much influence as an administrator would, they have amassed enough respect to earn privileges such as rollback and suspension.

Moderators provide generic help & support, monitor the chat room, and use their powers to keep the site running smoothly. They also specialize in dealing with vandalism, usually as part of the Anti-Vandalism Squad.


Liaisons are special users who act as intermediaries between the CAWiki and various other sites.


In addition to these, you may also see other types of editors around the site. These include administrators from Central Wikia, VSTF, and the bots that help keep our site running. 

Current Staff Members

These are the staff members who are currently active:

Retired Staff Members

An editor who has ceased to edit for 6 months or more (infrequent editing and posting aside) is considered to have gone on hiatus, becoming informally retired.

See here.