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Hello, and welcome to one of the greatest Combat Arms-dedicated sites in the universe!

All information within the confines of this Wikia will be related to Combat Arms, either directly, or peripherally.

We hope you feel welcome among us here, as fans of one the greatest online FPS games of all-time. =3

What is a wiki?

What exactly is a wiki? Well, a wiki is a site where anybody—not just webmasters or special members—can edit any page. Wikis are best used for collaborative knowledge-base type documents. For instance, one of the most successful wikis is the Wikipedia.

History of Wikia

Wikia is a wiki hosting service created in 2004 a collection of wikis running on MediaWiki software and operated by Wikia, Inc. It is free of charge for readers and editors, and gets its income from advertisements. As of mid-2006 its Alexa Internet traffic ranking was around 3000.

Wikia inc. hosts the Combat Arms Wiki and provides bandwidth to our community project.

What is the Combat Arms Wiki?

The CAWiki is simply an immense database; one which allows anyone to access a multitude of Combat Arms information, second to only several other sites (including Nexon itself).

The most important aspect of a wiki is that the information comes from ordinary people like YOU.

What do we mean? It means that you are one of the most important authors of the Combat Arms Wiki. Do you know every tiny glitch in a single map? Have a preferred weapon combination or secret techniques to destroy your enemies? Go ahead and share it here!

Anyone can edit our wiki, but we'd prefer it if you register first by signing up. This helps us to keep track of your edits so that everyone knows about the stuff that you do.

If you decide to stick around, use the log in link at the top of this page to set up an account, if you haven't done so already. To make changes to a certain page, click the "Edit" link at the top of any page once you've signed in. Some pages may not be available under your jurisdiction, so you should contact a local Administrator or Staff Member to help you edit such things.

Our wiki does not support fan-fiction or any other self-creations about Combat Arms on our database pages; it belongs in a different area entirely, namely the Custom Warzone Arena. The only things that should be on our pages is pure fact.

However, as a base-of-operations, each user has their own User Page, which you will unlock when you log in. You can freely edit this page as much as you wish, and put any information or opinions you want. We must remind you that you should stay courteous and unruly behavior will result in a warning before you are duly punished.

If you ever need to find something, use the search bar. It should help you find what you're looking for. If you know the exact page title of the thing you are looking for, click to go directly to that page.

If you ever have any questions about our wiki, feel free to ask any of the users here. A very experienced person will try and provide you with a sure answer in little-to-no time at all. This wiki is absolutely free; there is no money ever paid or involved here. Ever.

What can I do to contribute to the wiki?

Plenty of things! You can add information that you feel is useful, and fix or remove information you think is useless. You can also help advertise the CAWikia, by telling your friends or sponsoring us in your videos, games, or anything else you play a role in!

Wiki Etiquette

If you're still unsure of how stuff works around here, you may want to check out the MediaWiki User's Guide. There you will learn how to make bold, italics, and other wiki stuff. Out of courtesy, you really shouldn't edit pages unless you are adding something meaningful (fixing grammar and spelling mistakes is okay, not to mention welcomed). You also shouldn't remove information unless you have an extremely good reason. If you want to play around and get a feel for editing pages, please do so in the Sandbox. If you want to get a good grasp of how the pages here are put together, be sure to read about our Standards for pages.

The Wikipedia has a great WikiCivics section. They cover a lot of information about what is accepted and what is not accepted on a wiki. There are really no rules, but there is a definite level of etiquette involved. Some of the suggestions they offer are only relevant to the Wikipedia, but many of them apply to any wiki. Anyone interested in being a valuable contributor to any wiki should read them.


On rare occasion, information is taken from a source other than pure memory. Please try to cite all sources here in order for credit to be given where due. This way, all information on the Combat Arms Wiki follows the guidelines of our Canon Policy.

Post-Note (A warning)

Above all, never use defamatory language or deface documents our community has worked hard to create. Note that the Wikia gives everyone the ability to revert documents back to their original state. Therefore, no one can permanently harm our database by deleting pages. After repeated defacings our administrators will edit and lock the page if this continues, and the result person will be banned indefinitely. If defamatory language is used, it will be changed or deleted.

Thank you for visiting the Combat Arms Wiki! Move out, soldiers!