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Box Glitch

Small Box, Crate


Crouch, then step back and forth on box corner.


Fall inside box where you are invincible, but patched.

The Box Glitch involves going to the large rectangular crates found around maps and getting inside them by backing up and moving forward in the corner constantly. People that do this are called Box Glitchers, and are often looked down upon. Another form of box glitching involves finding stacked boxes in a corner, going behind them, and find where a box on top is turned, then jumping inside the box. The Box Glitch is patched. If you accidentally jump on the box and fall through you die.

Also note that slashing is very unnecessary for any glitch. Slashing while glitching serves as a red flag to other players that said glitcher is glitching.

There are more recent forms of box glitching that involves "spamming", or repeatedly tapping the crouch key, so that you fall into a box or crate. An example is the Sand Hog cinderblock stack glitch. Like the previous entry path for box glitching, it is common to stand at the edge or corner of the box.