The Bomb is an object that is used in Search and Destroy and Bombing Run.


Main Bomb.jpg

Players on the Alpha team must go to one of two designated Bomb Sites and plant the bomb. Bravo's soldiers must prevent Alpha from planting it; or if planted, they must find it and defuse it within a certain amount of time.

The bomb has a device attached to it as a detonator; it shows the words Nexon, the code the player types in, and a red skull as the player is arming the bomb. Arming the bomb is pretty noisy and other players and teams can hear the player placing the bomb. When finally planted, the bomb will blink bright red every 1.5 seconds until it explodes. It also makes a loud beeping sound every second that can be heard at around Sub Machine Gun-range.

How to Defuse

Defusing the bomb requires only one Bravo team member. One must stand over the bomb and defuse it, by pressing E (some attempt to defuse while another person is so that they too can get a mission point). Defusing the bomb takes around 6.5 seconds and clicking and other soft sounds can be heard while one is doing so.

Once detonated, the round will end. Note that the explosion cannot kill anyone; it just simply ends the round.

Other Appearances

The bomb appears in Desert Thunder as an explosive you use to destroy a gate, which leads further into that particular area of Mogadishu.

It also appears in Bombing Run. There is only one bomb, and either side can retrieve it. Like an Intel, it can can be dropped once the carrier is killed. But other than that, the same rules apply for planting and defusing the bomb.

It was also one of the many weapons that were illegally spawned.

It seems to have been reincarnated (in weapon form) as the Specialist Remote Grenade item.


  • The bomb may be modeled after the C4 explosive in real life.
  • The code that the player types in is: 157-4
  • It takes longer to defuse it than to plant it, though the literal difference is actually not much.
  • As many players thought it would eventually become a real weapon, it seems to have been reincarnated as the Remote Grenade.
  • The planting sequence has been adjusted by Nexon many times. It was initially very slow, but due to complaints it was eventually sped up. The original planting audio was cut in half, so that it would match the new sequence. A few months later, the sequence was then sped up further, and the entire planting audio was sped up again.