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Bloodbath Bazaar
Bloodbath bazaar daily map month.png
Blood Bath Bazaar 2.png Bloodbath Bazaar Lobby Pic.png
Name Bloodbath Bazaar
Size Medium
Location Turkey
First Introduced October 18th, 2012
Popularity Low

Main Discussion

Intelligence suggests that the next bio-chemical terrorist attack will come somewhere in Turkey. During routine security before a nighttime festival, armed forces discovered guerrillas transporting chemical weapons through this bazaar. A firefight breaks out, with the safety of the entire town on the line.
  — Map Description 

Bloodbath Bazaar is the 40th map released in Combat Arms, after the 10/18/12 Patch.

Game Modes

The Game Modes available for Bloodbath Bazaar are:



Leaked Information

FPS General has teamed up with Nexon America to release an exclusive preview of some brand new content coming soon to Combat Arms.

The footage above showcases a brand new map, coming very soon to Combat Arms. The map in the video takes place in Istanbul, Turkey. Combat Arms developer, Sniper, shares some behind the scenes insight on the map development: That left the Mosque, which we felt expressed the rich cultural heritage of Turkey best of all. It was still a technical challenge for us, though, because we would need to re-work the layout of the Sultan Ahmet Mosque to turn it into a quality FPS map.

After a long period of consideration, we decided to commit to this plan, but alter the map concept a little to be "Small bazaar street in Istanbul with a view of the mosque".

We reinforced the theme and setting of the map by placing Turkish flags, carpets, and other decorations all around. We also arranged the map to emphasize the unique appearance of the mosque.


  • There is a glitch that shows the map's operation as "$GM_Map_Name_40" whenever a player first went in a match of BloodBath Bazaar. This has long since been patched.
  • It is possible to clip into the boxes in either spawn near the windows. However, this is rare.