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When NEMEXIS tanks and paratroopers enter the city of New Pax , the World Federation seizes the opportunity to disable their army of vehicles with an EMP bomb. Now, JSF forces must fight to the city center before the tanks regain mobility and construct an impenetrable barrier.
  — Original map description 

New Pax, the UN's new international city was attacked by an anti-government army. Before the armored units are rendered useless by the EMP bomb which has been detonated, drive the units out of the city and safely evacuate the civilians.
  — New map description 
Battle at City Center
BACC map1.png
BACC map2.png BACC map3.png
Name Battle at City Center
Other Names BACC
Size Extremely Large
Location New Pax
First Introduced December 13, 2012
Popularity Very Low

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Battle at City Center is the 42nd map released in Combat Arms, first released alongside with the 12-13-12 Patch, on December 13, 2012. This map currently has 8 playable game modes:


BACC is a large urban map, similar to that of Short Fuse. Due to the NEMEXIS invasion, vehicles are sprawled all over the city-like map, similar to the vehicles on the map Roadkill.


  • This is THE largest map in Combat Arms, even larger than Waverider.
  • Oddly the original sitrep has since changed, and instead of referencing NEMEXIS directly, simply refers to the attackers as an "anti-government army". This may have been done to avoid confusion at the end of the Evil Never Dies event - however Operation Ghost Town does still reference the antagonist as NEMEXIS.
  • Battle at City Center was removed from Combat Arms Global after the Reloaded update.
    • Battle at City Center was added back to Reloaded on August 22th, 2019 for combat week.[1]