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Base Character Change
NX cost
One time use - 4,900 NX
Below Average
Allows the player change their base character to another

Allows you to change your base character to another of the same gender. Allows you to access hidden characters.
  — The Arsenal 

Base Character Change is a NX function item item introduced in the 11-12-08 Patch that is available for purchase in the Black Market for 4,900 NX. When activated, players may choose a different Base Character of the same gender as the base already used. In other words, Male characters can only choose different Male characters, and the Female characters can only choose other Female characters.

Players have the opportunity to choose the secret character only exclusive to using Gender Change and Base Character Change. There is one secret Male character and a secret Female one also. The Male has a bald haircut and the female's hair is blond and in a ponytail with a right orientation.  Base character change was originally available for around 20k NX, but was later lowered potentially due to low sales.