A member of the JSF's Southern Asian spy elite, Banshee has a bright future before a severe injury sidelined her from her duty. She was forced to resign, and joined Warcorp to gain access to their advanced medical technologies.
  — The Arsenal 

Play as Wraith or Banshee, a pair of deadly assassins who spent years in training to become the efficient killing machines they are today. Only they are capable of wielding the new Assault Crossbow, Explosive Crossbow, and Synapse Scrambler. They terrorize their enemies with the Caution and Inner Focus Abilities.
  — Old Description 

Banshee is a female Specialist/Assassin first revealed through the Cover of Darkness Update and was released into the game a day later. She was one of the rewards handed out at the end of round 4 of the SvS Event. Banshee was released into the game officially on the 20/07/2012 content update.

Banshee's counterpart is Wraith.


As a different type of Specialist, Banshee has her own unique character restrictions. Therefore, like the Specialists, she is unable to wear Head & Face Gear, as well as backpacks. As an Assassin, she can also use any Assassin Weapons and Assassin Abilities, much like how the Specialists have their own exclusive items. In addition to having a medium vest, Banshee has +30% sprint stamina.

However, as an Assassin, Banshee cannot equip sniper rifles, machine guns, explosive projectiles, or shotguns in their starting loadout.



Summer Banshee


Silver III
Gold I


  • Banshee has the same vest as Viper's.
  • Banshee was the first Assassin to ever be sold permanently for GP.
  • Banshee was on sale for permanent duration for 90,000 GP during the Daily GP One Day Sale on Saturday, August 17, 2013.